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Dual Motor Ebike Controller

This is an electric scooter Motor 36 v500 w dual-mode ebike brushless Controller set, it includes a general purpose ebike brushless Controller and a mavic-level 8 a too. This set makes it possible to operate an electric scooter with two Motor types, such as in city or rural areas, on either side of the road.

Dual Motor Ebike Controller Ebay

This Dual Motor ebike Controller for e-scooters and e-bikes is valuable for controlling the speed, power and direction of these popular devices, it includes two signals for together 36 different electric bicycle motors. This is a dual-mode electric bicycle e-bike, which gives a brushless Motor and a l3 v3 motor, the Controller allows two to work together to power the bike, while also allowing one to walk the bike. The Dual Motor ebike Controller is exquisite for controlling an electric bike withing quickly due to its single Motor drive, you can easily manage your bike's speed and levels of power while riding, and the Controller will keep track of how many miles your bike offers racked up. This is a Dual Motor ebike Controller for the 72 v 50 an electric scooter, it enables the rider to have two bikes working together, and can be used to control two ebike models. The Controller also includes features like metrics and data storage, so the rider can monitor their bike performance.